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Head of Pharmaceutical & Medicines Production

About the job

Huddersfield Pharmacy Specials (HPS) operates as a semi-autonomous division reporting to the CHFT Board through its own Management Board. The facility has a MHRA Manufacturer/importer licence (MIA), a Manufacturer “Specials” Licence (MS), a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (WDA(H)) and a Clinical Trials Manufacturer Licence for Investigational Medicinal Products (MIA(IMP)). The Head of Production role will lead production, technical and operational management within HPS ensuring compliance with current good manufacturing practice and help to build on the unit’s outstanding success of recent years. The ideal candidate will have experience and expertise in both sterile and non-sterile production within the Pharmaceutical and/or hospital sector in both commercial and technical disciplines, ideally within both licensed and unlicensed markets.

  • Is responsible for leading the operational and technical management of medicine production/manufacturing at Huddersfield Pharmacy Specials (HPS) and ensuring compliance with current good manufacturing practice (cGMP).

  • Named and approved by the MHRA as Production representative for HPS.

  • Is Head of Production (as defined in cGMP/European Council Directive 2003/94) under the direction of the Managing Director.

  • With reference to the units MS, MIA, MIA (IMP) and WDA(H) licenses (granted by the MHRA), the post holder is responsible for the quality, safety and efficacy of manufactured medicines, certifying at the production check stage, that they have been made in compliance with current Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (current Good Manufacturing Practice – cGMP).

  • Is a member of the HPS Senior Management Team assisting in the strategic development of the business and service.

  • Leads on special projects as requested by The Managing Director

Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust is a dynamic and successful organisation with a strong organisational and personal development focus. With over 5,500 employees and a turnover of over £300 million, the Trust provides a comprehensive range of secondary care services to the people of Calderdale and Huddersfield and has an exceptional reputation for service delivery. The Foundation Trust aims to design and implement services, policies and measures that meet the diverse needs of our service, population and workforce, ensuring that none are placed at a disadvantage over others.

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